Mosquitoes (mosquito) belong to Insecta, Diptera, mosquitoes, and there are about 3000 species in the world. Is a tiny flying insects with sucking mouthparts. Usually the female uses blood as food, while the male uses the juice of the plant. The blood sucking female mosquitoes are the intermediate hosts of other pathogens such as dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, filariasis, Japanese encephalitis, and so on. The distribution of mosquitoes in all continents except antarctica. Among them, the genera Anopheles, Aedes and Culex are the most famous.
1. Anopheles: the adult of Anopheles mosquitoes is characterized by its mostly winged wings and mostly gray body. The body stays at a certain angle during the stay, mostly during the night. Anopheles larvae breeding in large water, such as paddy fields, marshes, reed ponds, ditches and other places slow.
2, characteristics of adults is: Culex pipiens pipiens wing mostly without spot, body color is brown, the body in the residence time, and often stay to maintain balance, parallel state, its activities are mostly at night; Culicidae Culicinae genus. They are the most common indoor mosquitoes, commonly known as the house.
3, the characteristic is: adult Aedes albopictus wing without spot, the body is mostly black, and white, it is because of love activities during the day, so we often indoors, in the shade during the day, often have this kind of mosquitoes to harassment, may we all have the impression, its body is black and with white markings.

Harm of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are important sanitary pests. They not only sting people's blood, harass people's lives and work, but also spread many kinds of serious diseases. Therefore, mosquitoes have been an important target for the prevention and control of health pests at home and abroad.
Mosquito borne diseases are collectively referred to as mosquito borne diseases. There are four kinds of mosquito borne diseases prevalent in China: malaria, lymphatic filariasis, epidemic encephalitis B and dengue fever. Worldwide, 300 million people suffer from malaria each year, 90% of which are in Africa. WHO reported a significant increase in dengue fever in the past 10 years, and dengue fever in the world was 514139 people per year, with a mortality rate of 1--20%

Principles and methods of mosquito control:
1, environmental governance: control and elimination of mosquitoes is the most effective way, the main is a comprehensive, thorough, often transform mosquitoes to survive and reproduce the environment - "water."". This is a permanent measure in mosquito control.
Remove all water that can be removed, such as removing small water containers, tanks, pots, bottles, etc..
Control the surrounding water and fill the low-lying area.
Dredge sewer, dead ditch.
Change the water in the tray of the potted bonsai in time, keep no water in the tray, prevent the breeding of mosquitoes.
2, chemical control: spraying through space can quickly eliminate the number of indoor and outdoor mosquitoes, chemical agents (slow release agent) can effectively kill mosquitoes in the water, and reduce the population density of adult mosquitoes.
3 biological control: for landscape pools, biological insecticides such as Bacillus thuringiensis H-14 and Bacillus cereus can be used for both Aedes and Culex mosquitoes, while they are harmless to fish.
4, physical control: install the screen door and screen window can effectively prevent the invasion of mosquitoes, combining a mosquito killing lamp, effectively reduce the population of mosquitoes.

How do you make sure there are mosquitoes?

Breeding Habit: mosquitoes breeding in the water, different water quality and water types of different mosquito breeding.
Blood sucking habits: only female mosquitoes suck blood, the male will not suck blood. Female mosquitoes must suck blood to develop and reproduce their ovaries. Female mosquitoes begin to suck blood more than 2-3 days after eclosion. Temperature, humidity, light and other factors can influence the blood sucking activity of mosquitoes
Habitat: after eclosion and after sucking mosquito must find the local habitat, generally love hidden, perched on the mosquito dark and poorly ventilated places, such as in the house under the bed, cabinet, door, wall, basement and barn, outdoor grass, caves, cellar, cave, bridge the stones etc.

Operation process
1) the principle of mosquito elimination: we must insist on mobilizing the masses and comprehensively eliminate mosquito measures based on environmental improvement. Among them, the transformation of the environment is the most fundamental measures.
2) when to kill mosquitoes, the mosquito should be combined with the ecological habits of mosquitoes, seize the weakest link mosquitoes, eliminate mosquitoes, remove all kinds of containers and small water, killing wintering mosquitoes.
3) mosquito elimination methods for main mosquito species:
Aedes albopictus control, according to the breeding habits and characteristics, strengthen the management of waste tire, anhydrous or anhydrous outdoor indoor preservation preservation cover, small clear water, especially water containers, repotting pour cans, watering water, fire bucket or stamped with gauze. The mosquito more tire dump, the acquisition of waste, sanitary ceramics heap, empty room sites around the grass, etc., with pyrethroid and propoxur do residual spray, can also be used when necessary, dichlorvos quick kill. The tourist attractions of embankment with bottom water drilling tires, clear water in the cabin.
1) find water areas: such as enterprises, hotels, restaurants, large basement; sauna and swimming pool pump; mosquito breeding of small and medium sized catering and canteens cylinder, cans, barrels, pots and other water.
2) adult mosquito inspection: whether there are adult mosquitoes in the private rooms, dormitories and warehouses in the catering industry, and record the number of rooms and mosquitoes.
3) mosquito elimination measures: mosquito free lamp, mosquito swatter, spray agent and other mosquito killing tools and drugs.
4) anti mosquito measures: there is no qualified screen door and screen window.
5) please professional mosquito companies, safe and secure.