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We use an economical and environmentally friendly approach to develop appropriate pest management methods and strategies to meet the needs of integrated pest control management. We're not just killing pests, we're doing pest risk control.

Pest control in banks, enterprises and units

In recent years, China banking reform and innovation has made remarkable achievements, historic changes have taken place in the banking industry, play an important role in supporting and promoting the economic and social development, the dev

Pest control in star hotels

The rapid development of economy China, at the forefront of economic development of the hotel industry even more, in recent years, the trend of China hotel brand, the group is significant, but it still has a large gap in the "quantity" and "

Pest control in residential area

Within the cell and its surrounding pests will bring great distress to the residents do, the area surrounding environment easy to breed mice, cockroaches, mosquitoes and flies and other harmful organisms; every cell inside by wire, cable, ce

Pest control in family

Home is a common life of dependents and their places of residence, home is a warm place, is one of the most relaxed and safe place, can be for shelter. Because there, have their favorite relatives. However, if such a warm, relaxed and safe

Pest control in Factory

China has a large electronics factory, refining and pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises, the quality of these products are vulnerable to external factors such as mice, termites and so on. Pests can destroy buildings and equipment, cause

Pest control in Holiday resort

Resort hotels are mainly for reception, leisure and holiday tourists, providing accommodation, catering, entertainment and entertainment services for leisure tourists. Unlike the Urban Inn, Urban Inn resort hotel located in the city as cente

Pest control in Warehouse

The characteristics of warehousing and logistics industry is the flow of goods and people, mice, cockroaches, ants and other pests with goods and people carrying the spread and spread, resulting in warehouse and transportation means easy to

Pest control in Restaurant

The restaurant chain is the fierce competition in the industry, but also by the public pay close attention to the industry, to attract customers need unique style dishes, good dining environment, value for money prices, but lost customers of

Pest control in department stores

Department stores, supermarket (shopping mall) is a comprehensive set of premises, fashion accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, daily necessities, Cereals, fruits, vegetables, cooked food, cooked food processing field sales and catering for the